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Invest in Custom Cabinetry


Do you want your kitchen in Ipswich to stand out from the crowd without losing your personal touch on its design? Don’t know how to make this possible? Wondering if you have enough budget to make this dream a reality?

Here at Kitchen Evolution, we make your dream kitchen a reality. See why many homeowners in Ipswish and West Brisbane has been choosing hand painted cabinets for their kitchens. Read on.

Why Should You Invest in your Ipswich Kitchen?

The kitchen is the place where family members spend quality time together. Make this the heart of many conversations by transforming it into one of the most coziest and friendliest place in the house.

How is this possible?

Add some hand painted kitchen to it and see how it will make your kitchen in Ipswich more warm and welcoming, even to your guests.


Below are different designs and ideas using hand-painted cabinets. Choose one to give your kitchen a different and a fresher look that everybody would love.

The Traditional Inspiration with Gandcrafted Detailing

If you want to give your kitchen an authentic look, opt for a traditional inspiration.

Stick with the natural color of your chosen wood to give your kitchen that genuine look. This will definitely invite some truthful conversations between you and the family members.

Painted Glass for your Kitchen Cabinets

Painted glass can make your kitchen more beautiful by simply mixing it based on your preference. You can choose the colors that you want. Choose from pastel or dark colors to add some playful ambiance to your kitchen while still maintaining that sleek and stylish look.

Give it Some Personal Touch

Involve your family to give your kitchen some personal touch. Ask for their thoughts, which may include their favorite lines. Add these favorite phrased to your kitchen cabinets to make everyone’s personality included in these cabinets.

This will make everyone proud because they have contributed to the overall look of your kitchen.

Floral-Inspired Hand-Painted Tiles and Cabinets

Floral inspiration adds a nice spark to your kitchen. This makes it an all-time classic that never dies out.

For a floral-inspired idea, you can go for a dual-toned touch or multi-colored look. Remember that flowers have meaning and symbolism so choose something that will represent you and your emotions.

Do you need help? Let’s talk about it.

Abstract Inspiration

Opting for an abstract inspiration for your hand-painted cabinets is also another beautiful idea. This idea allows you to mix and match colors and themes according to your style and preference. Moreover, this helps bring out your creativity and imagination.

Let the magic work. Create beautiful cabinets with us. Send us a message.

Metallic Paint with a Touch of Contrasting Colors

Show off that chic shiny look with some metallic paint.

This inspiration will definitely give your kitchen a unique and different look. Avoid the over shine by using a matt based contrasting or similar colored paint.


Spice up your kitchen with these unique designs and amazing ideas. Enhance its overall appearance by using hand-painted kitchen cabinets for your Ipswich home.

On a tight budget? Not a problem. You can still design your kitchen with hand-painted cabinets even on a budget. Let us know. Call us, today.