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Your kitchen is not only the place where people do their cooking, but it is also the soul of the home.

This is why more and more people are investing in their ideal kitchen. But what is really your ideal kitchen design?

There was a period where the Hamptons-style kitchen is the most trending interior design. Today, it has resurfaced to be one of the most favourite options of many homeowners due to its elegance, coastal and nautical vibes.

Know more about these trending Hamptons-style kitchens and discover its beautiful features below.

Marble Detail

Marble Detail Kitchen Evolution Ipswich

Marble undeniably brings beauty while adding elegance to any kitchen. Thus, this is added to your kitchen worktops, benchtops or splash back to achieve that Hampton Style Kitchen look.


The key to decorating a Hampton Style Kitchen is to stick closely with “white”. This is because it catches all the light. This makes your kitchen appear fresh and sparkling clean. Nevertheless, this isn’t an excuse for you not to do some extra cleaning.

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Dark Wood Floors

Dark Wood Floors Kitchen Evolution Ipswich

Pair your white kitchen with dark wood floors to achieve that sophisticated and chic look.

However, when opting for dark floors, avoid using other colors except for white, as this can look too occupied.


Paneling Kitchen Evolution Ipswich

Window frames, cabinets, under sink storage and kitchen islands should be wood-paneled and painted according to your chosen Hampton color scheme.

Pale Coloured Cabinetry

To keep with the nautical theme, choose a pastel green, blue, grey and lilac cabinet design as these reflect the colors of the ocean.

Tile Splash Back

Tiles Splash Back Kitchen Evolution Ipswich

Floral inspiration adds a nice spark to your kitchen. This makes it an all-time classic that never dies out.

For a floral-inspired idea, you can go for a dual-toned touch or multi-colored look. Remember that flowers have meaning and symbolism so choose something that will represent you and your emotions.

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Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting Kitchen Evolution Ipswich

Recessed spotlight is perfect for your Hampton kitchen.

Make your kitchen bright and well-lit by putting a scattering of recessed bulbs into the ceiling.

Bar Tools

Bar Tools Kitchen Evolution Ipswich

These bar stools definitely add a sense of relaxation and ease to your kitchen. Use white wooden stools around your breakfast island (or whichever matches your floors and fixtures).

Wicker Basket Storage

Wicker baskets help achieve that casual coastal vibe look and are perfect for holding utensils. Fill these baskets with your cookery books or any other kitchen clutter to keep the kitchen neat and organize.


Designing your kitchen is important as it reflects the people living the home.

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