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Vanity designs can vary a lot.

We are most often asked to make the designs and finishes to coordinate with the other cabinets in the home.

But the practicality of it may not always allow it, space, layout, storage needs, children, people with special needs, all need to be considered in designing a vanity.

Have a look through our vanity gallery for some design ideas for you next gallery.

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There are many uses for a pantry.

At one end of the scale it is simply a room or place off the kitchen to store food and other bulky items.

At the other is what is all but a full functioning second kitchen. That has ovens, sinks and dishwashers etc.
This is practical if you entertain frequently and for larger numbers of guests, keeping your open plan living area tidier and less cluttered.

Please let us help find you the correct designed pantry for your lifestyle needs.

Did you know that traditionally, a Scullery was small kitchen at the back of the house used to wash dishes and perform dirty household work (used by scullery maids) and a Butlers pantry was a room between the kitchen and formal dining room where meals were plated up on fine crockery or silverware then taken to the dining table to be served to family or guests.


Depending on your needs. Media units can be a simple stylish cabinet to accompany your TV or sound system and components.

They can also be a large piece of furniture taking up an entire wall also reaching the ceiling. It may include TV, book or display shelves and even glass display cabinets.

The styling could be Traditional and formal, Floating modern and minimalist or even a simple low contemporary wall hung suspended cabinet.

See some of the projects we have completed. 


Fitting everything you want or need into what is often the second smallest room in the house, can sometimes have its challenges.

You may have additional storage requirements, need hanging space for drying, want your front load washer elevated, have dryer and second washer, multiple laundry baskets an ironing station.

At Kitchen Evolution we have the experience to create an efficient design and custom build the cabinets that will maximize the use of your available space.

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A Bar is one of the most exciting and interesting statements you can make in the home.

They all vary so greatly, born out of your needs, your taste, your style and positioning in the home.

Like Kitchens and Alfresco design living, they are becoming increasingly popular again.

So whether you want to have a consistent design theme as other cabinetry furniture in the home or just create a stand-alone design statement. Kitchen Evolution will be able to make it happen for you. `


Alfresco design and changes in life style have over recent years made these furnishings a normal part of our life.

But the cabinets and appliances that go inside the home are not necessarily suitable for outside use.

The cabinets exterior finishes and interior materials need to be made of specialized materials to withstand the harsh elements of the weather. Benchtops are not excluded either.

Plus other thinks need to be considered also, there are also different rules and regulations that apply to outdoor use. Just some include the rangehood height above your BBQ, Gas bottles can not be hooked up to the BBQ and mounted in the cupboards below, where you can and cant have power and water outlets etc


Traditional style homes have a certain charm that appeals to many of us, part of this comes from the look and the finishes. Walls, ceilings, skirts and architraves are all usually hand painted with a brush.

Kitchens and other cabinets that are hand painted have several advantages. One is that the brushed on final coat has the same finish as the rest of the room. Making it look as though it truly belongs.

Another advantage is that any time you want to freshen up the kitchen you can give it a clean or another fresh coat of paint.

Repairs are made easier as you can repair a damaged panels yourself, just like the walls in the home, a little patch, sand and paint touch up and your good as new.

One day you may even decide on a whole new colour scheme for your interior. With hand paint this is not a problem. All doors and panels can be painted over. You can’t do that with 2 Pac, Melamine or Laminate panels.


A beautiful stylish design originating from the United States, these Kitchens traditionally have some features that are not common to kitchens made in Australia.
Doors and drawers have a frame which boarders around each of these panels.
In addition to the framed look, doors usually have an exposed hinge visible beyond the surface of the cabinets.

Other common features include posts to the ground, particularly on the corners of the island bench, the kick panels will be set back further giving these cabinets an appearance that is held up by the posts alone.

Glass display cabinets often have decorative glazing bars dividing the door glass.

These kitchens and cabinets are predominantly white in colour with light colour bench tops.
But Timber or Dark stone tops can be used as a feature for the island for example.

However we could also design a beautiful and stylish interpretation of this design that can be achieved without using all of the above features.


Today’s modern kitchen designs can be a mixture of different materials, finishes, colours and textures. For us, that is only just a part of it, keeping the design functional and practical is just as important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Contemporary designs may also be just single cabinet colour such white for example. The feature focus may be on the stylish handles or the selection of a beautiful stone bench top.

Integration of appliances into the design is another common theme, under mounted sinks, full or semi integrated dishwashers and full integrated fridges, Match that with finger pull, touch catch or servo drive and your kitchen blend in to any open plan living space without looking too much like a kitchen.